More muscle. Better climb. Higher altitude. Greater speed. Legendary payload capacity. With its 310-horse turbocharged powerplant, the Turbo Stationair serves up all those superlatives plus additional safety margins, especially during hot-high operations. Ease back on the yoke and 310 fuel-injected horses leap off the runway, climbing at speeds approaching 1,051 feet per minute (320 mpm) in the turbo model. Level off, trim up and fly at a 178 knots (330 km/h) max cruise - which you command from your plush-leather seat. For extra-long trips, the Stationair can stay aloft for nearly seven hours at long-range cruise settings. No wonder it's the flexible favorite of freight haulers, law enforcers and business leaders. Not to mention pilots counting on the day-in, day-out ability to transport the entire family and more. Whatever your line of work or play, we've got your high-performer right here.

There's plenty of room for pilot, co-pilot and up to four additional sidekicks. Even at high-speed cruise with seats full, there's ample fuel for three-plus hours of flight, plus reserves. The spacious cargo area of the Stationair allows for 127 cubic feet (3.6 m3) of capacity, while the double doors allow for easier loading.

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