The all-new Cessna Turbo Skylane JT-A™ opens up a whole new world of performance. Now you can fly with either Jet-A or Jet-A-1 fuel. The innovative SMA powerplant delivers 30 to 40% fuel savings, with greater range or higher payload, especially apparent at typical small-aircraft altitudes. You'll have more time between engine overhauls, keeping operating costs at a minimum. And you'll create less noise in the cockpit and around the airport.

The new 227-horsepower compression-ignition SR305-230E-C1 is a drop-in replacement for a turbocharged gas engine, while offering significant fuel reduction. Fully integrated avionics and a single power lever greatly lower pilot workload. Leatherclad comfort makes flying the new Turbo Skylane JT-A a first-class experience for everyone aboard.

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