With more than 43,000 delivered, the Cessna Skyhawk is the best-selling, most-flown airplane ever. Maybe that's because of its proven reliability. Or its forgiving flight characteristics. Or its reputation as the safest general aviation aircraft ever built. Because not only is the Skyhawk the most direct route to fulfilling your dreams of flight, it's also an ideal instrument trainer and one of the world's truly great airplanes. And with 180 horsepower attached to a high-performance McCauley propeller with polished chrome spinner, the Skyhawk SP climbs faster and cruises at a greater speed than the original Skyhawk.

The Skyhawk continues to build on its legacy as one of the most advanced single-engine aircraft in the sky with features such as the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit. From discovery flight to solo to certification, more pilots have launched their dreams in a Skyhawk than in any other aircraft. And because the Skyhawk is certified for VFR and IFR training, it's the perfect trainer no matter where you are on your journey to pilothood. Aren't you ready for more than just your head in the clouds?

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