If you've ever flirted with the idea of owning a brand-new aircraft, it's officially time to get serious. Introducing the Skycatcher – an all-new Cessna destined to bring your personal dreams well within reach. With extreme flyability. Unprecedented affordability. And the very latest technology. Maybe that's why it was singled out by Popular Science magazine as being among the most exciting developments of 2007 in the Aviation and Space category. The magazine calls the Skycatcher the best "starter plane" for an entire new generation of pilots. The dream of flight is back. And this time, it's personal.

From its ergonomic seats to its unique interior styling, the Skycatcher looks as good as it feels to fly. Prepare to enjoy a very exclusive view from above, afforded by its high-wing design. For new aviators earning their sport or private pilot certificate, flying a brand-new Cessna is now more accessible than ever. The Skycatcher embodies the fun-to-fly characteristics standard in every Cessna aircraft. It's also the ideal, economical flight training aircraft to bring the joy and achievement of flight to yet another generation of pilots.

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