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Keep Your Engine Running and Your Plane Flying Safely.

Here’s How Pacific Air Center Can Help.

AeroEngine Protection Corporation

Who is AEPC™?
Founded by aviation industry professionals with decades of experience, AEPC™ offers the only Piston Engine Service Programs for the general aviation industry. By utilizing data from large fleet operations and more than 4,000 piston aircraft engine overhauls, AEPC™ delivers a full range of scheduled and unscheduled piston engine programs and services.

Why AEPC™?
AEPC™ offers the only Piston Engine Service Program (PESP™) to minimize the risk of costly unscheduled service, stabilize your scheduled service budget and keep your engine running and your plane flying. With access to technical aviation advisers, resolving unscheduled maintenance repair issues is quick and easy. AEPC™ advisers work directly with you to troubleshoot any problem and coordinate with an acceptable FAA-Approved repair facility to perform any necessary service. Delivering predictability, protection, peace of mind and financial stability, AEPC™ programs are transferable upon the sale or trade of the covered aircraft resulting in increased aircraft residual value.

AEPC™ PESP™ Family of Piston Engine Service Programs

AEPC™ has several service programs to fit your individual aircraft needs.

Program Features PESP™ PESP Plus™ PESP Care™
Coverage for Engine Components – 100% of Parts and Labor
Enrollment anytime during the engine’s life
Loaner Components – when available and applicable
Loaner Accessories – when available and applicable
Ground Freight
Help Desk
Loss of Use reimbursement - Covered Components
Trip Interruption reimbursement - Covered Components
Renewable Agreement
Agreement – 3-year minimum  
Coverage for Engine Accessories – 100% of Parts and Labor  
Agreement – 5-year minimum    
Scheduled Service (Annual Inspections & Overhaul)    

Program Benefits PESP™ PESP Plus™ PESP Care™
Protection for unforeseen, costly maintenance expenses
Fixed budget for unscheduled service
Coverage and risk transfer beyond your Vendor’s warranty period
Increased aircraft residual value
Agreement is fully-transferable upon aircraft sale
Fixed budget for scheduled service    

PESP™ Covered Engines

Covered Engines
Lycoming 320 Series
Lycoming 360 Series
Lycoming 390 Series
Lycoming 540 Series
Continental 550 Series

Example of Covered Components

Case Rings Roller Tappets Rods
Rocker Arm Shaft Roller Camshaft Gasket Set Intake Springs
Camshaft-Standard Intake Valve Tappets - Standard Main Bearings
Cylinder Assembly Exhaust Valve Pistons Rod Bearings
Crankshaft Exhaust Springs Piston Pins Rocker Arms
Oil Pump Housing Oil Pump Gear Kit    

Example of Covered Accessories

Alternator Engine Fuel Pump Magnetos Starter

Predictability • Peace of Mind • Value